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Light steel construction technology is a production system where building elements are produced from galvanized steel with cold forming process. The building details whose structurel design is realized are conveyed to the machine and formed on the specially designed Structure Robot lines. Human errors are minimized by means of prefabrications realized in factory environment and on robot lines.

Other advantages of buildings produced with light steel technology are as follows:

Long-lasting, durable and safe.
Provides high sound, heat and water insulation.
Construction system whose prefabrication is carried out at the factory, provides capability for faultless and fast production.
Provides more efficient earthquake performance due to its flexibility and lightness.
Presents flexibility and elegant solutions in design.
Shortens construction period by virtue of its easy assembly.
Creates an opportunity for a cleaner construction site.
Constructions manufactured by galvanized steel are corrosion-resistant.
The standardization in the production system provides quality and stability in the prices of materials.
The construction materials have high recycling.
A house that is engineered to suit your lifestyle

PREFABRICATED steel frame homes are produced by means of modern technology, in order to provide houses solutions that are reliable, quickly constructed, and good value for money.
There are no limitations when you think about your house plan and design. PREFABRICATED team of professional engineers will receive your requirements or hand drafted plan and work
on it to be presented as a light steel house solution.Light gauge steel frame construction technology is becoming the most popular worldwide thanks to the many advantages it
offers such as durability, security, faultless structure, environment-friendly, flexibility and most importantly affordability.

Get your dream steel house in a very short time.

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Steel House Technique Specifications

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