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Our response was to apply advanced technology to design and build highly personalized, premium prefab buildings of extraordinary quality. They had to be beautiful,
spacious, and light-filled. We wanted to find new ways to bring the outdoors in. Most importantly, our goal was to create homes that people love living in.

We’re constantly perfecting our concept of how to build beautiful buildings with spacious lines, soaring ceilings, and walls of glass that seamlessly connect interiors to
the outdoors. This design thinking also applies to building better buildings for you and the environment.

Every Prefabricated buildings can achieve a number of leading green standards. We incorporate high end materials like sustainably farmed hardwood flooring, eco-friendly
countertops, and low flow bath and kitchen fixtures. Smart, efficient details extend beyond what you can see to elements like expert thermal insulation that provides energy
savings and reduces noise levels. Prefabricated unique technology is evidenced in the incredibly durable, steel-reinforced framing that allows for spacious open floor plans
without interior load bearing walls. It also provides strong framework for distinctive architectural features like 16′ tall soaring ceilings with clerestory windows.
These elements come together to create a home that doesn’t just look beautiful, but feels beautiful.


Built in half the time of conventional custom homes, our premium factory-built prefab buildings are better constructed, healthier to live in and easier to maintain.
We found prefabricated homes to be the best way to consistently build luxury quality homes, with little impact on the environment.

A simplified process leads to beautiful buildings that are connected to nature.

By combining Turkish craftsmanship with high tech innovation, BP factory produces homes with less waste and higher quality control. For example, engineered frames withstand
the harshest elements; they also allow homes to be shipped on fewer trucks that are standard size. State-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled craftspeople build every
aspect of your building to exacting standards. It is this superior craftsmanship and factory-built excellence that combine for a much faster and more efficient process than
conventionally-built custom homes.

This process allows your building to be constructed within weeks, compared to traditional construction which takes months or years. By pre-selecting all of your home
finishes and visualizing this in 3D, there are no surprises except that your home can be ready for you in under a year from start to finish.


We’re committed to reducing stress and risk by streamlining the building process, always being transparent about pricing and providing a quality team who is here for
you every step of the way.It all starts when you choose your model and layout then configure the features with countless luxury finishes and fixtures.
Your dedicated project manager will work with you from the get-go. After you receive a fixed bid to help set your budget, your design team brings it to life with drawings
for permit approval. An experienced site crew is on hand to make sure your home meets the highest standards.

In 6-8 weeks your customized home is ready to be shipped and within 3-5 weeks of on site installation, it’s ready for move in.Better Process – Designers – Architects –
Engineers – Dream Home

Our end-to-end approach to design and construction is carried out by our designers, engineers, project managers and technicians who work with you to realize your dream home.