Metropol Cabinet


Production of various module units are also effected by PREFABRICATED to satisfy the contemporary requirements with the influences of urban design on the new perceptipn of city planning. Light steel technology is used in the manufacture of these products which are used as urban furniture. The modular structures produced from steel carcassed and sandwich panel systems are easy to carry and clean and provide opportunity for mobile use with their lightness.

Fiber cement material is used on interior and exterior wall coverings of all our products and contemporary, elegant and eco-friendly new products are produced, thanks to this. Also our new products designed by using PANELS meet the demands of our customers fully with the criteria of being eco-friendly, having high-quality and high insulation, faster  production and assembly features and more affordable. Cabin production in various sizes, apart from our standard cabins, is available within the direction of various needs of the customers through our expert technical staff.


Modular Cabinet

Security  Cabinet

Fiberglass Cabinet

Panel Cabinet 

Metropol Cabinet

Metropol Cabinet Technique Specifications

Panel Cabinet Technique Specifications

Fiberglass Technique Specifications

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