Prefabricated , Structures, following the changing and developing production techniques , cost and manufacturing quality-oriented professional production staff . Drawn to our customers and our products shown will be transferred to the agreement , all products are manufactured in compliance with the contract terms . Our name is our guarantee .


We are here to realize your dream. You imagine we of carrying. industrial structures in the construction sector , mobilization of the structure of the site structure, animal husbandry from the aviation sector, different sectors, so the civilian applications of military applications and determine the needs in the field , capable of producing quality solutions , at the service of our customers with a customer-oriented expert sales staff .

Quality Assurance / QA

Prefabricated design carried out by experienced engineers and technical staff of prefabricated construction , design, research and development , production planning, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service processes have been certified with ISO 9001 quality control certification.