Corporate Housing

prefabrik-saglik-uniteleri-7-600x328CORPORATE HOUSING

We can always a cheap house to built up for the people who does not have enough budget to buy a deluxe prefabricated house in the all world.Our staff has always the best options and best solutions for everyone.High construction safety buildings with fast production and quick assembly, economic prices.

Where ever is needed we can offer a quick solutions for Corporate Housing in a very short time. We are delivering Social Housing solutions with fast production, swift  transportation, quick assembly thanks to our well trained assembly teams and economic prices.


Container Plans

Prefabricated Hospital & School

Prefabricated Refectory Buildings

Plans of Recefctory Buildings

Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings

Plans of Dormitory Buildings

Prefabricated Social Facility Buildings

Prefabricated Building Technique Specifications 

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