Fiberglass Cabinet

150x150 Fiberglass Security

150×150 Fiberglass Security


A wider portable cabin for your extra space requirements.

We have pushed the boundaries of cabin dimensions and added a versatile range of wide portable cabins. Whether you were looking for a site office, food & beverage units,
street food stands, meeting room, mess room, canteen, storage facility, clinic, classrooms then with our wide cabins you can get a closed area of up to 50 m².

According to customer’s preferences different applications and enhancements that can be considered such as curtains, shutters for windows , air conditioners, shelves
in addition to different paint color options. Being manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester panels that are foam-filled, our cabins are capable of with standing
extreme weather conditions.

Join thousands of companies and people around the world who chose PREFABRICATED modular cabins and appreciated the difference.

Modular Cabinet

Security  Cabinet

Fiberglass Cabinet

Panel Cabinet 

Metropol Cabinet

Metropol Cabinet Technique Specifications

Panel Cabinet Technique Specifications

Fiberglass Technique Specifications

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