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So you already know that living in a  container home can be a great way to save money and become debt free. The question you’re wondering about is, whether you should build the container home yourself?

It’s a question only you can answer, but we’re going to take a look through some of your options. The three most common ways to get a container home are to build it yourself, hire a contractor, or purchase a prefab container home.

Each of these approaches has their own pros and cons and today we’re going to discuss each of these choices.

Advantages of DIY Container Home

The first and most important advantage of building your own  container home is the cost saving. Building your own container home is by far the cheapest approach possible- why? It’s simple- you aren’t paying for other people’s labor to make money off of you.

The second big advantage of building it yourself is that you know exactly how it’s been built and that no shortcuts were taken. You know that the insulation and roofing were done the correct way and weren’t rushed because your builder was running out of time.

Finally, by building your own container home you are free to design and style the container home any way you like. You want to stack your containers and make a roof terrace? Well you can if you build it yourself!

Also, if you’re halfway through the build and change your mind then you are free to do this and you can change the design of your home. If you’ve purchase a prefab container home or agreed on a plan of work with a contractor then it’s a lot more difficult and sometimes impossible to change the design.

Advantages of Prefab Contractor Homes

Definitely the biggest plus when it comes to prefab homes in general is that it is incredibly quick and by far faster than either building it yourself or hiring a contractor to build it. Generally large prefab companies will carry stock which means your container home is already built and it just needs shipping to you, placing on foundation blocks and connecting to the utilities.

The second advantage of buying a prefab is peace of mind. Building your own home either yourself or through a contractor can be stressful at times and you need to be aware of this. Through purchasing a prefab home you take away all of the anxiety and unknown because you know exactly what your home is going to look like and exactly when it will be finished.

Finally, prefab companies tend to provide planning and building permit support so you don’t have to go it alone.


I hope this article today has made your decision about who should build your container home a little bit more straightforward! I always recommend to people that wherever possible you should build the container home yourself.

There is something incredibly rewarding about seeing your hard work pay off and being able to enjoy this everyday by living in the home which you built. I’d love to hear from you. Did you decide to go it alone and build your own home or have you decided to bring in a contractor or buy a prefab home?










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