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Comfortable places for intense work space…

We produce prefabricated worker buildings that offer special comfortable offices and recreational areas for worksites where there is strenuous working conditions.
Each building has a high secure structure and is differentiated with its unique features such as quick production in short time, ready-to-use quick installation and economic prices.

Our prefabricated worksite solutions that are produced according to international standards include buildings such as management and technical offices,prefabricated houses, prefabricated steel houses,dormitories, dining halls, kitchen, laboratory, laundry, recreational area, infirmary and medical units, places of worship, canteen and cafes, wc and shower units.





Steel Houses

Modular Houses

Container Houses

Prefabricated Offices

Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated House Double Storey

Prefabricated House Single Storey

Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings

Prefabricated Refectory Buildings

Corporate Housing

Prefabricated Social Facility Buildings

Prefabricated Hospital & School

Emergency Disaster Houses

Technique Specifications

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