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Office structures taking place in construction site mobilization and buildings built by various institution and establishments which are usually permanent are in this category. Number of staff and buildings’s lifetime are the most important criterias for determining the needs in the project design process of prefabricated office buildings. Providing technical specifications suitable to weather conditions and all kinds of comfort within the office is very important for the performance of the staff in office buildings.

We have standard plan options in many different sizes for our modularly produced PREFABRICATED Office buildings. However, special solutions are presented by our technical staff of architect and engineers in case there are particular demands from our customers. Static calculations of each building is made by taking snow and wind loads proper to weather conditions of the place where the building shall be constructed as a basis.

Our PREFABRICATED Office structures are produced with Panel system or Steel Carcassed Panel System details in single or two storeys and they are assembled. Floor height of 3000 mm, 3500 mm is possible in PREFABRICATED office buildings, where 1250×2500 mm standard panels are used, in case it is demanded.

Fiber Cement is especially preferred in exterior and interior panel sidings of buildings as it is A-1 class incombustible material. Panels are used with exterior surfaces steel sheet/fiber cement, interior surface fiber cement/PET coating. All installations can be project designed flush-mounted or surface mounted according to choice.

The long-life modular PREFABRICATED office buildings enjoy the features of quick production and installation and economic prices advantages. The exceptionally aesthetic design of our portable office buildings is prepared carefully to give ergonomic and comfortable places.Among our products are the work buildings, sales showrooms, public and municipality buildings, management centers, representative offices and many other buildings models can be found.

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